New Column for Backyard Mickey Statue

I saw a neighbour throwing out a bathroom sink pedestal.  I thought it would make a great column for my “copper” Mickey statue.  I sanded it down a bit to give it some “tooth” and then sprayed it Disneyland green (or at least that’s what I call it).  Looks great and FREE!!!

Inspecting the Graham Paige Radiator

I cut some access panels into the radiator on the old 1929 Graham Paige to inspect it inside.

Despite a million little acorns coming out of it, the core is actually in really good shape.  No leaks.  Once I run some rust dissolver though it I will solder it up again and it’s good to go.

Our New Garden Wall

I wanted to build a new garden wall at the front of our house, but I wanted it to be curved and yet made of wood, similar to the ones I made for the backyard railroad.

I really dislike the stacking stone walls because they seem to either sag with the frost heave or bend over from the pressure of the soil.

I made this wall from cut sections of 4X4 alternating between 10 and 12 inches high.  Each one had cuts done to make the top more pointed.

Each piece is cut lengthwise at a 6 degree angle on one edge to produce a curve when they are screwed together.  Since they are all screwed together and attached to piles driven into the ground, they shouldn’t move at all.

I had some extra sections left over so I made a new house number sign for us.


Dapper Day 2017

Have you heard of Dapper Day?

Dapper Day is a special day at the Disney Parks and it’s a chance to show off your vintage/fancy clothes.  This year we attended the event at Disney World in Florida on two days.  Saturday at the Magic Kingdom, and Sunday at Epcot.  Our good friend Dean was with us. 

One of the coolest things is that I made special “Niagara Falls” fans for us to carry with us.  They are replicas of the ones the animatronic character in the “Carousel of Progress” is holding.  Some people were astute enough to recognize them.  Enjoy!