Documentary in the Making: Bramble Reborn

I won’t have as many opportunities in the garage in the coming months because I’m currently at sea filming an exciting documentary!

“Bramble Reborn” is an exciting documentary about the adventures of the crew of “USCGC Bramble”, a restored Coast Guard Cutter now owned by civilian adventurer and entrepreneur Tom Clarke. Featuring exotic (and often dangerous) locations, riveting dive expeditions, and fascinating historical facts, this film takes viewers on an epic journey from the sparkling blue seas of the Caribbean to the treacherous waters of the Northwest Passage.

Please visit the website and follow me on our journey:

The Making of “Like We Originally Agreed Upon”

Here’s a short film I made showing how I did the special effects for my friend’s film.  All of this was done using Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and various still images.  We shot this at night in extreme cold.  You can see Paul’s breath in several shots.  The location was his friend’s stable in the Crystal Beach area.  We couldn’t have a live horse in the shot as they were all outside.  We didn’t have a lit oil lamp either so I added the flame with an effect.  Enjoy…


Finding a Graham Paige at the Old Car Festival!

Mandi and I always enjoy attending the Old Car Festival in Dearborn Michigan at Greenfield Village.  It’s a park started by Henry Ford himself to honor the old way of life in America.  You can see the Wright Brothers bicycle store, Thomas Edison’s workshop, and many other famous buildings.  These are not reproductions, but the actual structures brought there by Ford.  Every  year they have a car show devoted to pre-1934 vehicles.  For the last several shows, I’ve been trying to see a Graham Paige there with no success.  This year there were two! Here I am with the owners.

This is a 1928 Graham Paige Model 610.  Very similar to my model 612.  The couple that owns it are from the Detroit area and members of the Graham Paige Owner’s Club.  I had a nice chat with them about the car and took pics for reference on mine.

One of the main differences with their model is the brakes.  There’s are a band type around the outside of the drum while mine have calipers inside a drum.


Here is a GP coupe.  I didn’t get to talk to the owners though.  A very nicely done car.



This gives me more inspiration to finish the car and get her on the road!