Inspecting the Graham Paige Radiator

I cut some access panels into the radiator on the old 1929 Graham Paige to inspect it inside.

Despite a million little acorns coming out of it, the core is actually in really good shape.  No leaks.  Once I run some rust dissolver though it I will solder it up again and it’s good to go.

Bringing Her Home! Our “new” Graham Paige

After seeing the 1929 Graham Paige 612 car in Pennsylvania, I made arrangements to have her towed to Lewiston, New York. Then, I went to meet the guys and bring her the rest of the way home to St. Catharines, Ontario.

Crossing the border became problematic though. First, there was a giant wind storm on April 28th, 2011, so they closed the bridge to Canada. I had to stay in a motel overnight. The next day, the border guy gave me a hard time since I had purchased the car on eBay. I guess they aren’t used to seeing old cars like this and didn’t know what to do with me. In the end, I finally got it home the morning of April 29th, 2011.

My wife will always remember that there was a big power outage due to the wind storm the previous day, but she did use the last of the batter on her phone to check out William and Kate’s royal wedding.