Mickey Mouse Gate

I was constructing the new fence in our backyard and decided to add something special to the gate.  This was a simple thing to do but looks great.  I just bought some soft aluminum metal from Home Depot and bent it into shape using a paint can as a guide.  I put it up against the gate and traced it’s shape then used a jigsaw to cut it out of the wood.  Some brown caulking around the edge makes it look more fitted.

Our New Garden Wall

I wanted to build a new garden wall at the front of our house, but I wanted it to be curved and yet made of wood, similar to the ones I made for the backyard railroad.

I really dislike the stacking stone walls because they seem to either sag with the frost heave or bend over from the pressure of the soil.

I made this wall from cut sections of 4X4 alternating between 10 and 12 inches high.  Each one had cuts done to make the top more pointed.

Each piece is cut lengthwise at a 6 degree angle on one edge to produce a curve when they are screwed together.  Since they are all screwed together and attached to piles driven into the ground, they shouldn’t move at all.

I had some extra sections left over so I made a new house number sign for us.