Mickey Mouse Gate

I was constructing the new fence in our backyard and decided to add something special to the gate.  This was a simple thing to do but looks great.  I just bought some soft aluminum metal from Home Depot and bent it into shape using a paint can as a guide.  I put it up against the gate and traced it’s shape then used a jigsaw to cut it out of the wood.  Some brown caulking around the edge makes it look more fitted.

Sculpting Jose

I’ve decapitated the plastic macaw I bought and started to add details with two part epoxy putty.   This is working pretty well as I’m trying to get him closer to Jose from the tiki room before I make a mold.  I have to order silicone mold making rubber and liquid plastic to make duplicates of the head.


Tiki Room Birds!

Just when you thought you would have to sculpt the Tiki room birds from scratch…


You’re walking through Canadian Tire at lunch, round a corner in the gardening section and see this…

He’s not 100% accurate but a good starting point to making Jose, Michael, Fritz, and Pierre.  I can cut off his noggin and use is to make a silicone mold and more heads.  And I can use the body (cut in half)  to fill with plastic and make a “buck” for vacuum forming more bodies.  Yay Crappy Tire!!!