The Tiki Room (Deck) Under Construction!!!

Here is the framework of our new deck.  The old one was too far gone to save.


The frame of the old one (that I did NOT build)  was filled with concrete from a demolished patio.  Which leads to trapped moisture and rotting.    The 6X6s have proper concrete pile footings under them now:


This new deck will be partially covered with a pergola attached to the house.  It will have poly carbonate roofing to keep the rain off our patio furniture.  Just need to finish off the joists and add the proofing then the deck boards.  I say that as if it’s easy.  Here is a 3D rendering of the structure:

And it will be a TIKI ROOM like the ones at the Disney parks with animatronic characters.  See future posts for developments.



Danielle Trubela says

I’m not sure that you guys will be out this way anytime soon....BUT, in Port Hope which is about 1.5hours east of Toronto, there is an incredible store called Primitive Designs. It’s reeally quite the place and they have tinned and tones of parrots on swings. Primarily hand carved wood, they also have authentic looking grass hut and tiki accessories that will blow your freakin mind.
Their website has even a dedicated tiki bar section.,..check them out at.

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