Tiki Room Roof Complete!

I added the purlins (cross-members) to my pergola and finished off with sheets of corrugated polycarbonate sheets.  This stuff is super tough, lets the lights through, and also protects the furniture from UV light and rain.

I finished just as the rain/snow(!) started flying.  Now on to the deck boards, fence, etc.



Danielle Trubela says

Chris’ Dad had a big covered area like this too. It was incredible.....he had a ceiling fan (think of a big palm tree type fan...perfect for the Disney Tiki theme!)
Mounted a tv complete with cable (or Netflix of course)
A small fridge
A counter- sink thing and of course, a table, chairs, chimineea and BBQ. I don’t think he left this space for 3 months! Would you? I can’t wait to see this done! How exciting for the tiki ??????. tiki tiki tiki tiki room ????

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