New Outdoor Cushions!

I wanted to replace out patio seats cushions with new ones and see them myself. Mandi and I found this cool outdoor fabric in Hamilton on sale. It fits in with the “Tiki Room” theme.  After several frustrating attempts to see them with my old cheapie sewing machine I finally gave in and bought a new (old) machine:  a Pfaff 230 which is very sturdy.   I don’t need a lot of fancy features but I wanted a machine that would go through stiff fabric since I’m going to be sewing my car upholstery as well.


The Tiki Room (Deck) Under Construction!!!

Here is the framework of our new deck.  The old one was too far gone to save.


The frame of the old one (that I did NOT build)  was filled with concrete from a demolished patio.  Which leads to trapped moisture and rotting.    The 6X6s have proper concrete pile footings under them now:


This new deck will be partially covered with a pergola attached to the house.  It will have poly carbonate roofing to keep the rain off our patio furniture.  Just need to finish off the joists and add the proofing then the deck boards.  I say that as if it’s easy.  Here is a 3D rendering of the structure:

And it will be a TIKI ROOM like the ones at the Disney parks with animatronic characters.  See future posts for developments.


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