New Outdoor Cushions!

I wanted to replace out patio seats cushions with new ones and see them myself. Mandi and I found this cool outdoor fabric in Hamilton on sale. It fits in with the “Tiki Room” theme.  After several frustrating attempts to see them with my old cheapie sewing machine I finally gave in and bought a new (old) machine:  a Pfaff 230 which is very sturdy.   I don’t need a lot of fancy features but I wanted a machine that would go through stiff fabric since I’m going to be sewing my car upholstery as well.


Mickey Mouse Gate

I was constructing the new fence in our backyard and decided to add something special to the gate.  This was a simple thing to do but looks great.  I just bought some soft aluminum metal from Home Depot and bent it into shape using a paint can as a guide.  I put it up against the gate and traced it’s shape then used a jigsaw to cut it out of the wood.  Some brown caulking around the edge makes it look more fitted.

Tiki Room Roof Complete!

I added the purlins (cross-members) to my pergola and finished off with sheets of corrugated polycarbonate sheets.  This stuff is super tough, lets the lights through, and also protects the furniture from UV light and rain.

I finished just as the rain/snow(!) started flying.  Now on to the deck boards, fence, etc.


Sculpting Jose

I’ve decapitated the plastic macaw I bought and started to add details with two part epoxy putty.   This is working pretty well as I’m trying to get him closer to Jose from the tiki room before I make a mold.  I have to order silicone mold making rubber and liquid plastic to make duplicates of the head.


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